Benefits Using a Beauty Device to Amplify Results

As skincare science becomes smarter and more efficacious, it requires a beauty
device to amplify results. That’s why savvy skintellectuals are seeking out beauty

devices, gadgets skin tightening, and gizmos designed to enhance at-home regimens with results-
oriented benefits, ranging from non-surgical facelifts to LED therapy to help address

hyperpigmentation. These innovative devices work synergistically with smarter
formulations to deliver the most visible and proven beauty outcomes — and they
make for a fun way to elevate your evening skincare routine.

RÉDUIT – The Luxury Device That's Changing The Face Of Skincare Application
The smartest beauty devices also double as a beauty experience, allowing users to
recreate at-home in-office treatments. For instance, NuFace’s bestselling device is
fitted with multiple attachments that deliver different energy and physical therapies.
It has three percussive attachments, a microcurrent ring, and rings that emit red
light to smooth fine lines, blue light for acne, and infrared to target deep wrinkles.
It’s also equipped with a masking ring that works to sculpt the complexion and help
improve skin texture.
Another example is Sephora’s most popular at-home skincare tool, the Myolift QT
Plus. It looks like a handheld remote control, and it comes with a range of
attachments that target the complexion, like this one that helps reduce dark spots
and puffiness and lift and tone the skin. It’s also equipped with a hands-free
conductive mask attachment to treat hyperpigmentation and reduce the appearance
of fine lines around the mouth and eyes.

Introducing Réduit Uni, a device that takes your skincare routine to 15  seconds
Other devices have more targeted benefits, such as this derma planing device that’s
the at-home equivalent of a professional dermaplaning treatment. It may look
terrifying, but this dermatologist-approved device actually helps drive teeny holes
into the skin’s surface, which can help boost collagen and make your skincare
products absorb 200 times more effectively.
There’s also this sleek and pretty gua sha from Basecamp Beauty, which uses
Tiger’s Eye gemstone to help sculpt and lift the complexion while reducing puffiness
and dark circles. This gorgeous beauty tool is also equipped with a light sonic
vibration that helps to remove buildup and increase the absorption of your nighttime
skincare routine.
If you’re thinking of making the switch from washcloth to skincare device, it’s
important to start slowly and always follow your brand’s instructions and usage
guidelines. Overuse or misuse of a tool can cause dryness, irritation, and even
damage your skin’s natural barrier. But if you take it easy on the new facial tool,
your skin will thank you with a radiant glow. Just remember, a well-stocked
bathroom cabinet is a necessity when it comes to upgrading your at-home beauty
routine with these gadgets. The best part: they’re all super affordable, too. Keep
scrolling to see our favorite beauty devices that can give you a better complexion
for less than $500.

Benefits Using a Beauty Device to Amplify Results

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