Learn All the Benefits of Online Casino For You

Welcome bonuses can differ per online casino and in most cases the first amount you deposit in an online casino will be doubled up to a maximum amount and sometimes you also get free spins that you can use at a certain slot machine. We have a number of online casinos described and they all offer a welcome bonus. To take full advantage of online gambling, you can take into account in advance which casino offers which welcome bonus. Do not just focus on a welcome bonus, but we advise you to choose the online casino that best suits your wishes in terms of games, language, designs and payment options. A casino does not just give away a bonus and always has conditions attached to it, read it carefully before you count yourself rich. With the benefit of online casino you can get all the supports presently.

What are the Conditions

One of the conditions that is always mandatory with a welcome bonus is the minimum deposit, but it will never be possible to have the welcome bonus paid out immediately. It is an extra play money amount and you will have to play this amount through the casino a number of times in order to have this amount paid out.

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Welcome bonuses from different casinos

While a welcome bonus was always extra money in the past, this is no longer a certainty nowadays. A welcome bonus can consist of different combinations. An online casino can choose to give away free spins to a certain type of slot machine without having to deposit money. Also for such a bonus form you must meet the conditions before you can cash out winnings, but it is an ideal way to try out the casino. If you eventually lose your free spins, it is still possible to make a very first deposit and be entitled to a classic welcome bonus that every online casino offers.

  • A standard welcome bonus that can be offered usually consists of 50%, 100% or 200% of your first deposit. In most cases you will have to make a minimum deposit of € 20. A casino is not crazy and often goes up to a maximum bonus amount between € 100 and € 300. If you are a high roller (player with high stakes), you can deposit a maximum amount the first time to make optimal use of a welcome bonus. Online casinos can also choose to split a welcome bonus into a percentage on the deposit and give free spins. It will depend per casino whether or not a first deposit is required for the free spins.
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Welcome bonus preferences

Which bonus is perfect for you depends on your own requirements and preferences. If you prefer to play behind slots, but then you are limited in your free spins, then a high bonus amount is ideal for you. If you do not want to claim a bonus because you are then tied to something, do not deposit money yet and choose one of the many other options.


Learn All the Benefits of Online Casino For You

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